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Our Platform: YOU


  • ​​​Increase state unemployment benefits to support those impacted by COVID-19

  • ​Advocate for rent and mortgage relief

  • ​Fight for a living wage for working families

  • Fully fund workforce development programs

  • Fix our roads and infrastructure

  • Support the Rio Nuevo District & small businesses

  • Encourage public-private partnerships that boost economic opportunity


  • Expand COVID-19 testing sites and contact tracing

  • Protect seniors by lowering prescription drug costs

  • Expand Medicaid coverage

  • Protect women's reproductive health care, and oppose all efforts that restrict access to safe and legal abortion care

  • Address gun violence as a public health epidemic


  • Ensure schools have COVID-19 prevention resources & technology dollars for online learning

  • Increase teacher pay

  • Lower class sizes

  • Restore funding to our K-12 schools

  • Restore funding to Pima Community College

  • Oppose school vouchers and ESAs


  • Protect our air, water, and land

  • Oppose privatization of public parks and lands

  • Support renewable energy efforts

  • Safeguard natural habitats and wildlife


  • Oppose private prisons and contracts that impose minimum inmate counts

  • Get low-level offenders out of detention

  • Save taxpayer money by reforming sentencing laws

  • Legalize marijuana

  • #BlackLivesMatter

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